The Psychotic Nephilim (psychonephilim) wrote in randomness_mage,
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From #iidx

Nephilim> Dave... You get another cookie
* nortune laughs
Lenneth> ... better watch what he's packin' in those cookies
dog-money> mmm meat cookies
Lenneth> ew
Nephilim> IIDX Still helped my sex life.
Nephilim> Like oreos.
Nephilim> Oreos helped my sex life too.
Lenneth> ...
Nephilim> So when they released Uh-oh Oreos.
Nephilim> I was all like...
dog-money> What devil of being are you?
nortune> Who the hell are you having sex with?
Nephilim> WTF, Jungle Fever?
Lenneth> Uh-oh? :P
Lenneth> ...........
Lenneth> X_X
nortune> Uh-oh doesn't sound good :\
Nephilim> The Female Kebler elf. -_-
dog-money> at least she's tight
Lenneth> ...........
Lenneth> X_X
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