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Some of my short but strangely funny MSN chat logs :P

Felina-Krystalle: I've had nirvana stuck in my head all day *hits herself on the head with a book* get out!
Felina-Krystalle: I've got to stop doing that
Felina-Krystalle: it damages the books

Felina-Krystalle: elephant!
Felina-Krystalle: or how ever that's spelled
Felina-Krystalle: my english is running away from me again
WHERE AM I?: since wen does english hav legs?
Felina-Krystalle: I dunno maybe since I started forgetting it lol

Krystalle: *dies*
Tourmaline Sorceress: oooookkkkkkkkaaaayyyyyyyyy than
Krystalle: I'm sleepy
Krystalle: wait i'm supposed to be dead
Tourmaline Sorceress: then go to sleep
Tourmaline Sorceress: and pretend to be dead at the same time
Krystalle: lol
Krystalle: I can't I have to breathe when I'm asleep
Tourmaline Sorceress: o well then

Felina-Krystalle: it's better to talk about something even if
you don't know what to talk about then to not talk at all

okie dokie that's enough for now
bye bye!

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