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Saturday, September 25th, 2004
3:43 pm

(15:36:15) Fox: Have you huged a Peypey today? xD
(15:36:23) Wolf: Yep yep.
(15:37:26) Fox: PEYPEY!
(15:37:38) Wolf: ::Chuckles.:: Yeah. He's my cutie.
(15:37:38) Fox: OMFGPEY
(15:37:42) Wolf: LOL
(15:39:44) Fox: Like, wtf man, seriously. WTF.
(15:40:54) Wolf: Tooooooooooo much espresso.
(15:41:10) Fox: omf wtf bbq pey
(15:41:17) Wolf: bbq pey!?!?
(15:41:36) Fox: OMFG WTF?!
(15:41:47) Wolf: WTF?!?!?
(15:42:08) Fox: ROFLMAO.
(15:42:28) Wolf: ::bite.::Wolf
(15:42:50) Fox: WTF MAN~! WTF?!

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2004
12:27 pm - Hehee

Some of my short but strangely funny MSN chat logs :P

Felina-Krystalle: I've had nirvana stuck in my head all day *hits herself on the head with a book* get out!
Felina-Krystalle: I've got to stop doing that
Felina-Krystalle: it damages the books

Felina-Krystalle: elephant!
Felina-Krystalle: or how ever that's spelled
Felina-Krystalle: my english is running away from me again
WHERE AM I?: since wen does english hav legs?
Felina-Krystalle: I dunno maybe since I started forgetting it lol

Krystalle: *dies*
Tourmaline Sorceress: oooookkkkkkkkaaaayyyyyyyyy than
Krystalle: I'm sleepy
Krystalle: wait i'm supposed to be dead
Tourmaline Sorceress: then go to sleep
Tourmaline Sorceress: and pretend to be dead at the same time
Krystalle: lol
Krystalle: I can't I have to breathe when I'm asleep
Tourmaline Sorceress: o well then

Felina-Krystalle: it's better to talk about something even if
you don't know what to talk about then to not talk at all

okie dokie that's enough for now
bye bye!


current mood: sleepy

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Monday, July 19th, 2004
7:46 pm - Hello

I've been interested in randomness lately so I joined this community
it just sounded very random :P
and I saw you needed members
I have a random community too
but I don't have any members so I need another place to talk to crazy people :P
bye for now


current mood: hot

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Friday, July 11th, 2003
7:40 pm - Be amused...

EbonRoseThorn: *waggles fingers* Heya. :-)
ammaoomoogla: *snuggles*
EbonRoseThorn: Miss me?
ammaoomoogla: Yesssssss. *clings*
EbonRoseThorn: *grins* How was your week?
ammaoomoogla: Do you seriously not mind if I go for 'her'?

Now /THAT/ is a blow to the ego, if I ever saw one. ;)

current mood: geeky

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Wednesday, June 25th, 2003
11:17 am - From #iidx
psychonephilim Nephilim> Dave... You get another cookie
* nortune laughs
Lenneth> ... better watch what he's packin' in those cookies
dog-money> mmm meat cookies
Lenneth> ew
Nephilim> IIDX Still helped my sex life.
Nephilim> Like oreos.
Nephilim> Oreos helped my sex life too.
Lenneth> ...
Nephilim> So when they released Uh-oh Oreos.
Nephilim> I was all like...
dog-money> What devil of being are you?
nortune> Who the hell are you having sex with?
Nephilim> WTF, Jungle Fever?
Lenneth> Uh-oh? :P
Lenneth> ...........
Lenneth> X_X
nortune> Uh-oh doesn't sound good :\
Nephilim> The Female Kebler elf. -_-
dog-money> at least she's tight
Lenneth> ...........
Lenneth> X_X

current mood: giggly

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